Rise and Fall of the Frozen

The Orcmoot

10/26/2014 Adventure

Cast of Characters:
Vicecount Edward Ecket – Vicecount of Halgrim
Shria " Giant’s Blood’ Kravnes – Chieftain of The Seven Tusks Clan on Flinty reach.
White Estrid – King of The Ironbound Isles
Krenor the Unchained – Bane of slavers, child of a previous Seven Tusks Chieftain, honored friend of White Estrid.
Ma’nen – Wintry’s former character, in whom a shard of the shadow demon persists, forming a link to corrupt powers unknown.

The PC’s traveled from the Everlight Temple dedicated to Sarenrae after having defeated a shadow demon that had made thralls of the priests and clerics and extinguished the Everflame. Having saved the temple and returned the light to the sky, the PC’s travel to Halgrim in search of an audience with White Estrid.

After a great deal of shopping in Eckit’s Emporium, having sold a hefty golden idol for a hefty sum of platinum the PC’s approach the temple. Inside the ice-pepper gardens of Estrid Ma’nen succumbs to the corruption that has been growing inside of her and attacks Issaz, menacing her with a threat that seems to emanate from the very shadow demon her mother was going to sacrifice her to.

After a scuffle, the lights flicker and die all about the palace and Ma’nen vanishes into the darkness of the night. The guards approach confusedly, and Oyeng impresses them with the Dawnflowers lantern and a brief recounting of the events at the Everlight temple. The companions are brought inside to meet with Vicecount Ecket, who informs them that the King is currently attending an Orcmoot on Flintyreach, giving Denareth a package to deliver.

The Orcmoot is a wild a party, Vah’an tells the tales of her journeys (impressing all in attendance). White Estrid shows herself as a friend to the Erutaki. Oyeng and Rilken immediately charm and are charmed by Krenor whilst waxing poetic about killing slavers. The “Business” part of the moot ends with Shria “Giant’s Blood” being named new Chieftain, after a raucous evening of drums, dancing and naked painted wrestling.


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